The maker


mijamo was founded by Jenna Holton, an American who fell in love with Finland, and its nature and culture while pursuing their master’s degree in Arctic Art and Design at Lapin Yliopisto in Rovaniemi. During those studies, Jenna learned about Finnish culture, history, language, art and tourism, and applied this knowledge to their thesis on localizing interior design in tourism and later to mijamo.

Jenna has been a textile artist for well over a decade, sewing, weaving and dyeing to create whimsical and striking imagery that focused on difficult topics like mental illness and grief, as well as exploring recycled materials in soft sculptures. After their studies in Lapland, Jenna decided to combine their two loves into mijamo, which uses handmade art toys, paper and wool products, and books to share and foster a love of nature, exploration, imagination, art, play and learning. 

However, because this business makes physical products, Jenna did not want to add to the problem of climate change and irresponsible production. Instead, Jenna sought to create products that have no lasting impact on the environment. In choosing all of the materials and designing the products, it was important that everything could be either reused, recycled or composted. Jenna hopes that mijamo’s products, information and stories will inspire people to live and consume responsibly, and work together to combat climate change.